Chris Kilham with Cannabis Majoon Balls by Tracey Eller / Cosmic Sister

The Biggest Problem with Serving Sizes for Marijuana Edibles Right Now
Business Insider
by Corey Protin and Jessica Orwig

More and more states across America are continuing to legalize marijuana. Currently, one of the biggest issues regarding legal marijuana is the dosage of edibles — food infused with the psychoactive components of marijuana.

To explain the issue, we brought in Chris Kilham, founder of Medicine Hunter, INC. and a featured chef in The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook: Feel-Good Food for Home Cooks, a collection of delectable marijuana-infused dishes compiled by Robyn Griggs Lawrence, a Colorado-based lifestyle journalist and advocate of marijuana law reform.

Photos by Povy Kendal Atchison / Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, and Tracey Eller / Cosmic Sister

February 2017