Photo by Chris Kilham

Cocoa & Sustainability
Kuna Woman. San Blas Islands, Panama

Reserveage™ donates a percentage of each sale to the local Kuna cocoa farmers and utilizes only fair trade, certified organic cocoa in its products.

Medicine Hunter is serious about sustainability and will only partner with companies that share our values. Reserveage™ Organics sponsored Medicine Hunter expeditions in Ecuador and the San Blas Islands of Panama, as part of developing the CocoaWell™ product suite.

Cocoa & Panama, and the Kuna Tribe

Our friends at Reserveage™ are donating a percentage of each sale of CocoaWell™ to the local Kuna cocoa farmers. The Kuna are the indigenious people of Panama. Reserveage utilizes only fair trade, certified organic cocoa in their products. They sponsored a Medicine Hunter expedition to visit the Kuna in the San Blas Islands, and these fascinating, talented people have shown us how they make Cocoa the traditional way. Cocoa is a staple in the Kuna diet, and is regarded by those people as a sacred plant.

Cocoa & Ecuador

The CocoaWell™ project also supports FONMSOEAM, a small scale cacao farmers association in Ecuador. FONMSOEAM stands for “Federation of Black, Mestizos Organization of small scale cacao farmers from the South Western Esmeraldas, Atacames y Muisne”. The FONMSOEAM community-based Center for Sustainable Agriculture and Conservation of Natural Resources helps support small farmers, grass-roots conservation organizations, a community-based financial institution, and the manufacturing of cocoa and chocolate products. Reserveage™ sponsored a Medicine Hunter expedition to visit the farmers in FONMSOEAM, where they showed us their traditional methods of harvesting and cocoa preparation.

“You hear an increasing amount of talk these days about sustainability. But what does it mean? In a sustainable system, all parts or members thrive and prosper. As this applies to medicinal plants, it means that users of the plants get good, viable remedies, the natural environment is enhanced and protected in the course of utilizing or trading in those plants, and people who work with the plants are able to flourish.” – Chris Kilham, on Sustainability and Medicinal Plants