“Talk about a sweet spot. Tom and partner Paul Schulick sit at the top of the New Chapter mountain, where the view is really lovely these days. Smart, good-humored, insightful and capable, Tom has helped to make a big contribution to well being, and is one of the more fun and articulate people to hang out with.” – Chris Kilham

Tom Newmark
Chairman of the Board
Company (Other): 
New Chapter
Herbal Medicine, Global Organic Mission


Tom Newmark is the Chairman of New Chapter, a committed environmentalist, and a co-owner of Luna Nueva Farm in Costa Rica. Both New Chapter and Luna Nueva are certified organic to National Organic Program standards and Luna Nueva also holds the distinction of being a Demeter-certified Biodynamic® spice estate. It is at Luna Nueva that New Chapter has perfected the cultivation of organic turmeric and ginger, prized ingredients of many of our formulations. He and New Chapter’s founder, Paul Schulick, are proud parents of Zyflamend®, one of the world’s most respected herbal formulations, and Tom has been awarded multiple patents for innovative herbal formulations. Tom is the co-author of Beyond Aspirin (2000 Holm Press) and The Life Bridge (2002 Herbal Free Press), and was midwife to the publication of Plants of Semillas Sagradas: An Ethnobotanical Garden in Costa Rica (2009).

Tom is a founder of Semillas Sagradas (Sacred Seeds), the sanctuary in Costa Rica dedicated to conserving medicinal plants of the neotropics and curating the traditional uses of those plants for health and spiritual awakening. This sanctuary is one of the largest and most comprehensive sanctuaries for medicinal plant species. He is also a founding member and President of Sacred Seeds, the not-for-profit organization responsible for creating a network of Sacred Seeds Sanctuaries in the United States and throughout the world.

Tom’s memberships include the Missouri Botanical Garden’s William L. Brown Center (board member) and the American Herbal Products Association (board member). He is a founding board member of the Biodynamic Trade Association and is on the board of the Monteverde Conservation League US, helping to expand and protect the Children’s Eternal Rainforest in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

Tom Newmark is New Chapter's President and good friend of CEO, Paul Schulick. Soon after New Chapter was founded 25 years ago by master herbalist and leading herbal researcher Paul Schulick, it became a leader in the dietary supplement industry. Fifteen years later, Paul invited his dear friend and life-long nature enthusiast Tom Newmark to join the mission. Tom jumped at the opportunity to pursue his true life’s passions: herbal medicine and the global organic mission. Together, they helped to create Luna Nueva, the company’s 160+ acre organic and biodynamic ginger and turmeric spice estate near the Children’s Rainforest of Costa Rica, as a world model for organic sustainable agriculture. Paul and Tom co-authored "Beyond Aspirin" (Hohm Press 2000) and, with Dr. Richard Sarnat, "The Life Bridge" (Herbal Free Press 2002), and they have collaborated on the creation of several patented herbal formulations, including Zyflamend®, a revolutionary product inspired by the science connecting a healthy inflammation response to whole-body health and longevity.

When their practitioners' line was conceived to answer the ever-increasing demand from holistic practitioners to incorporate New Chapter’s healing paradigm of organic whole-food and whole-herbs into patient care, they decided to call it NewMark, reflecting their commitment to making a “new mark” in practitioner supplementation.