Roy Walkenhorst
Co-Producer and Co-Host
PBS Healing Quest
Company (Other): 
Lightbridge Media


Roy Walkenhorst joined Lightbridge Media in 1998. Since then, he has co-produced Healing Quest with his wife and partner Judy Brooks. As CEO of Lightbridge Media, Roy's primary responsibilities are managing sponsorship sales and underwriting, station clearances and international licensing.

Roy came to Lightbridge Media after 18 years as founder and president of News Travel Network. During his tenure the firm grew into the world's largest producer of timely, consumer-oriented travel programming and built a library of more than 10,000 hours of video shot on location around the world. NTN's first series was called theConsumer Travel Reports. Launched in 1982 the Consumer Travel Reports aired for 20 years, becoming the longest-running news inserts in U.S. television history.

In addition to Healing Quest, Mr. Walkenhorst has amassed a wide variety of credits, including:

  • This Amazing World, a series of 24 half-hour programs on ancient mysteries natural wonders, and manmade marvels. The first 13 episodes were released in October, 2000, sponsored by Yahoo Travel, and cleared 64% of U.S. TV house-holds. This Amazing World has been licensed internationally in England, France, Canada, Hong Kong, Turkey and the Middle East;
  • Age Power With Ken Dychtwald, a one-hour pledge special for PBS that was released in March, 2000, sponsored by Searle Pharmaceuticals, and cleared 78% of U.S. TV households; and
  • Cowboy Country, a series of 13 half-hour programs on the Old West then and now that has not yet been released to broadcasters yet but is being marketed by Time-Life to the home video market.