Jan Kounen
French Film Director
Company (Other): 
Jan Kounen Films
Filmmaking, Shamanism, Music Videos


Jan Kounen (pronounced “Yan”) is a French film director living in Paris. During the 1990s, Jan’s career leapt forward with four music videos he directed and produced for the English pop group Erasure, including three for the Abba-esque project.

Today Jan is acknowledged for his many film credits. In France, Jan is maybe most known for his films “Dobermann” and “99 Francs”. Outside of France, he is most known for “Renegade” and his recent film, brilliantly directed, “Coco & Igor” (2010).

Jan is also recognized for his interest in developing consciousness, evident by his documentary films “Darshan: The Embrace”, about Amma, the hugging saint. In another mind-expanding film, “Other Worlds”, Jan journeys into the world of ayahuasca, the Shipibo culture and shamanism, which he became familiar with during trips to Peru and Mexico. Jan and Chris have spent time together in Peru with the well-known Shipibo tribal shaman Guillermo Arvévalo.