Chris Kilham with Chuchuhuasi, Peruvian Amazon. Photo by Zoe Helene

Outside Television Interview of Chris Kilham, The Medicine Hunter
Outside Television
with Ethan Zohn & Julia Dimon

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Who tracks down all the exotic plants that boost our vitality and turn us on? Chris Kilham, medicine hunter, that’s who—and he’s happy to tell you all about it. Steve Hendricks joins the horny explorer in the Amazon on a search for the next hot thing.

Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham visits the Outside Television studio to meet with OUTSIDE TODAY hosts Ethan Zohn and Julia Dimon. During the interview, Chris talks about the new edition of his best-selling yoga book, The Five Tibetans, and stories about his travels around the world conducting medicinal plant research and sustainable global trade.

“I wanna be you. I want to switch places right now… I am a big fan. I really believe in everything that you do and represent.” Ethan Zohn, Outside TV

Throughout the segment are photos of Chris on Medicine Hunter expeditions, many of them shot by his wife, Zoe Helene, who works and travels with him.

December 2013