“Superlatives fail. Lynda LeMole is in a class of her own, period. The rest of us cheer as her parade goes by. A tireless advocate of herbal medicine, organics and a multiplicity of great causes, Lynda is beautiful, smart, friendly, talented, great to be around. Whoo!” - Chris Kilham

“All great frontiers need explorers, and Chris is ours - a filter for the mysterious, and our divining rod for discovering these healing jewels.” – Lynda LeMole

Lynda LeMole
Expert Consultant
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Herbal & Natural Food & Supplement Companies
Board of Directors
Board of Directors
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American Association of Physiological Medicine & Dentistry (AAPMD)
Consultant, Formulator, Author, Speaker, Whole Food Chef & Alchemist, Enzyme for Collaboration
Medicinal Plants, Sustainability, Environmental Stewardship, Socially Responsible & Sustainable Business Models, Dental-Medical Connection, Optimal Nutrition, Enzyme for Collaborative Association and Industry practices!


Lynda now serves as a Consultant to Herbal & Natural Food & Supplement companies.

  • Herbal Expert Consultant
  • Herbal & Natural Food & Supplement Companies
  • Herbalist, Environmentalist, Lecturer
  • Medicinal Plants, Sustainability, Food Irradiation
  • Socially Responsible & Sustainable Business Models
  • Enzyme for Collaborative Association and Industry Practices!

From the early years of the natural industry’s development (1968 to the present), Lynda LeMole has been an active herbal and nutrition professional who has worked in leadership positions both in private companies and industry organizations.

From 2002-2010 Lynda LeMole served as Executive Director for United Plant Savers (UpS), where she worked to preserve, conserve and restore native at-risk medicinal plants and their habitats. She continues to serve UpS on their Board of Directors. Over the last three decades Lynda has fought against food irradiation, set an example of waste reduction in industry, and encouraged sustainable organic growing and manufacturing practices. Previous work includes co-owner and president of a progressive medicinal herb tea company, Traditional Medicinals. She initiated and pioneered the company’s development of over-the-counter herbal tea products, a revolutionary and innovative idea at that time. During 1984-1990 Lynda was President of American Herbal Products Association and it was during these years that the Code of Ethics, List of Common Botanical Names and much formative industry standards work was accomplished.

Involved in the herbal community since the 1970’s, Lynda has often been credited with bringing the heart of business back to the herbal business world, receiving the first ever-presented Cliff Adler Heart in Business award.. Her commitment to herbal medicine and social responsibility shines through her lectures, publications and national radio presentations. During the late 80s and 90s Lynda lectured at several progressive universities (Freeman School of Business, Tulane University, San Francisco State, Sonoma State U) on Socially responsible business development and practices. Her involvement in the business community has won her a range of awards including:

  • The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) VISIONARY AWARD 2013
  • Association for Women in Natural Foods (AWIN), WOMAN OF THE YEAR 1989
  • Cliff Adler HEART IN BUSINESS AWARD 1989
  • Natural Business LEADERSHIP IN BUSINESS AWARD 2000
  • NNFA Rachel Carson Environmental Achievement Award 2004

Lynda has also held the posts of President and Trustee of the American Herbal Products Association (1986- 1991); Advisory Board of the Bastyr College of Natural Health Sciences (1988-1990); Board of Directors of The National Coalition to Stop Food Irradiation (1986-1990); President of the Board of Redwood Park Estates (1983-1986); Representative of the European-American Phytomedicine Coalition (1991-1994); Advisory Board of the Environmental Action Report (1993-1995).

“Since the early 1970s Chris and I have been friends and colleagues in the early natural foods movement, the yoga movement, the dietary supplement revolution, and the Western Herbal Renaissance. At every important stage of this New Age evolution, Chris has been an articulate voice as author, teacher, radio and T.V. personality, and a bold explorer of our global plant families. One of his gifts is that just as he can immerse himself in the great novelty and complexity of unexplored health discoveries, he can also emerge with clear and easy to understand guidance for us to use these treasures and to incorporate the knowledge into our pharmacopeia. All great frontiers need explorers, and Chris is ours - a filter for the mysterious, and our divining rod for discovering these healing jewels.” – Lynda LeMole

Lynda LeMole Awarded The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) Visionary Award 2013

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) is pleased to announce the winners of its eighth annual AHPA Awards to recognize individuals and companies making substantive, positive contributions to the herbal products industry. The AHPA Awards were presented during the association's annual Member Meeting & Breakfast on March 7 at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, Califorina.

“AHPA is pleased to recognize the significant contributions that these members of the herbal industry have made to further elevate the status of quality-based botanical products for consumers around the world. We hope that recognition such as the annual AHPA Awards encourages everyone involved in the industry to remain committed to the excellence displayed by this year's award winners.” - Michael McGuffin, President, AHPA

Special Award: The AHPA Visionary Award goes to Lynda LeMole for her pioneering efforts in forwarding the use of herbal medicine. LeMole's work stems back to the very beginning of the natural products movement, the late 1960s, when she used her nutrition education and passion for holistic health and sustainability to teach students and help various companies employ socially responsible practices. LeMole was co-owner and president of Traditional Medicinals from 1983 to 2003, where she helped roll out the nation's first over-the-counter medicinal teas. From 1984 to 1989, she was president of AHPA, helping to develop its Code of Ethics, industry standards, and herb safety and identification guidelines. LeMole was executive director of United Plant Savers from 2003 to 2011 and continues to sit on its board of directors.

LeMole's contributions to the industry are invaluable, as she has inspired, taught, and supported legions of individuals, organizations, and businesses in the advancement of medicinal herbs.