The Lotus and The Bud

According to ancient legend, the Hindu god Siva imparted both the practices of yoga and the enjoyment of cannabis to humanity. Both were intended to enable human beings to experience deep states of unified consciousness, and direct experience of spirit. Siva, as the divine fountainhead from which both Yoga practice and cannabis use allow us to directly experience Spirit, the infinite conscious wellspring from which all existence arises, and of which we are all integrally part.

Yoga practice leads to an understanding of the oneness of all things, of the intrinsic unity and cohesion of the entire universe, known and unknown. So too, cannabis, when intentionally well employed, dissolves boundaries of the mind and tends us toward that same sense of unity.

Today both Yoga practice and cannabis are widespread. Yoga itself has morphed from an archaic tradition learned and practiced in recondite ashrams and caves, to accessible methods learned at local centers. Cannabis, employed in remote areas in temples and places of meditation since antiquity, is now a common delicacy for the psyche, and in many places is now available at retail.

As both yoga and cannabis have surged in popularity, the union of the two is also being increasingly explored. In the yoga community at large, cannabis is now more talked about, and more widely employed. A natural fusion of the two is emerging, and we are now witnessing cannabis-infused yoga classes. And where once cannabis was employed by yoga teachers discreetly in privacy after classes, it is increasingly discussed openly as an adjunct to the yogic life, and an enhancement to yoga practices of all types.

Does the blending of cannabis offer benefits? The Lotus and The Bud explores this fusion, and details the benefits, and the possible pitfalls, of blending the two in one’s life overall, and in practice specifically.

The Lotus and The Bud explores Yoga practice as a specific approach to manipulating the human nervous system, and cannabis as an agent which, through the endocannabinoid system modifies nervous system function in ways that may enhance yoga.

In The Lotus and The Bud I present the idea that yoga itself is an energetic and conscious current that runs through human history, and that cannabis is expressing itself as a volitional entity of healing and consciousness-expanding power now when humanity needs it most.

- Chris Kilham