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Judy Brooks
Executive Producer and Co-Host
PBS Healing Quest
Company (Other): 
Lightbridge Media
TV Host, Healer, Creative Media Professional


Judy Brooks brings decades of media and healing arts experience to her role as founder of Lightbridge Media and creator of Healing Quest. Judy began her career a radio sales executive in Sacramento and Los Angeles. As a talent agent, she opened the Flair Agency's children's department before going on to work for Creative Artists Agency and Progressive Artists Agency.

In 1984, she founded Brooks Management, a personal management company for television and motion picture performers. In that same year she founded the Video Tape Library, a stock footage company in LA. In 1992, she opened Brooks Productions, which grew into Lightbridge Media. Along the way she also found time to pursue a lifelong interest in metaphysical studies and become a certified Alchemical Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Practitioner.

Judy's intention is to create Healing Quest as a media brand that provides useful and trustworthy content and resources to the global lifestyle community interested in health, wellness and personal growth.

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The Power of Herbal Medicine, PBS Healing Quest