Joe Grace
Partner and Agent
Purity Products
Direct-to-Consumer Marketing Specialist


Joe Grace's portfolio as a strategic problem solver and marketing innovator boasts an impressive roll call of major consumer health and wellness brands overt the past 20 years, including Medscape, Perricone MD Cosmaceuticals, and even the legendarily successful Suzanne Somers' ThighMaster campaign. He pioneered the use of multi-channel direct marketing programs in growing these healthcare business, and as Head of Online Marketing at WebMD he boosted that company to its current status as the #1 destination for eHealth information and resources.

Executive Marketing Positions:

  • Partner, Health Marketing Partners
  • SVP, Head of Marketing, WebMD and Medscape
  • Marketing Strategist, Perricone MD Cosmaceuticals
  • Co-Founder and COO, Suzanne Somers' ThighMaster Company

Joe Grace is a strategic partner in Chris Kilham's new formula, Vital Brilliance, created exclusively for Purity Products