Good Morning America


If you are a media professional, please contact Zoe Helene
(zoe @ medicinehunter dot com)

Media rules our culture. What gets exposure through media becomes known. Ideas, values, habits and lifestyles shift and morph according to what does and does not get exposure through media. Many years ago, a reporter from the Wall Street Journal asked me “What does it take to make an herb popular?” I replied “You. It takes you. If there’s a big article on an herb, it will become popular.” This is why I spend so much time garnering media for medicinal plants, the natural environment and indigenous native people. Interviews on TV and radio, in magazines and newspapers and online, present opportunities to spread positive, life-affirming messages far and wide.

For decades, the natural products scene in general, and the herbal medicine field especially, were subjects of ongoing media ridicule and derision. But in recent years the media climate has changed. Thanks to ongoing positive science, support from credible health professionals, and greater public awareness of healthy lifestyles, we are now in an era of much more fair and favorable media attention. This serves the health interests of many, and helps to further profound life-affirming trends in health and wellness.