Chris Kilham in Sichuan with Green Tea

Chris Kilham, Medicine Hunter, Prince of Plants
Ethical Hedonist
by Alison Jane Reid

“Herbs will blow your mind,” declares Chris Kilham, aka the Medicine Hunter – the Indiana Jones meets David Attenborough of the plant world.

To that I would also add a green James Bond and champion for nature and the exciting idea that food really can be our medicine, as Hippocrates declared 400 years BC. Somehow, through the mists of time, and being too enthralled with our own ingenuity, we simply forgot how, until plants became sexy again thanks to the extraordinary influence of JK Rowling, Al Gore and Leonardo Di Caprio and our great naturalists and adventurers who have done so much to reignite our interest in the natural world.

That’s where Chris comes in. For the Medicine Hunter has roamed the earth, just like Attenborough, dodging bullets, pirates, almost dying from malaria, taking hallucinogenics and learning to fire walk, all in the quest to bring us the remarkable, true stories behind the plants, herbs, flowers and roots, that have formed the basis of medicine on earth for thousands of years.

Kilham grow up in the sixties, and he is definitely a product of that revolutionary age, but in truth he seems ageless to me, and like Attenborough he has a huge following amongst millenials who look upon them as wise elders on a broken planet...

December 2017