“Andy and I met a long, long time ago over the formulation of the herbal formula Rocket Fuel. Since then we've hung out, traveled, collaborated and shared great conversation. Andy is a friend first, collaborator second. Nobody makes herbal extracts like Andy. He is a Michelangelo of extraction and flavoring. ” – Chris Kilham

Andy Levine
Poet, Writer
Herbalist, Master Formulator of Taste Modified Extracts


Until 2012, Andy Levine was the owner and president of Yellow Emperor, Inc. in Eugene, Oregon. Andy’s skillful craftsmanship, based on tradition and science-backed botanicals, proprietary processes, long-term relationships with suppliers, and GMP controls, made him one of the great players in this industry.

Andy holds a Masters in Nutrition and has lectured at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst). He joined Yellow Emperor Inc. in 1982 and built its creative strength and reputation as a great authentic herbal extraction and product development company for 30 years before selling it in 2012. Andy created proprietary Super Concentrates™ for cosmetics, skin and beauty care products. As a master formulator, herbalist, and extractor, Andy based his work and company on providing thoughtful custom solutions for his private label clients. Oftentimes Andy exceeded expectations by making normally difficult tasting products into desirable liquid extract that were tasty and successful.

Andy is a good friend of Chris’ and has traveled with him on several occasions including a trip to Peru to study indigenous plant harvesting. He has also participated internationally, and has traveled to countries as far away as the Netherlands to consult on herbal formulations with an EU pharmacist.